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The corunarr/ >//•?>/*;/  .C.A,   is continued thrj;:^ cesophagea! opening in the diaphiMgui by the  i ^ /.Vi-rj' 7 artery (o.a.}.    It gives o£;<tft€rf.>rtji*stf\" */••>-.*•'*$ ".t.$. r. to  the anterior  wall  of the f-adus  and  body   A the stomach, posterior gastricartf'* <  / •:/•'*•' to the posterior wall of the fundus and body of the stomach, and the ^ r .* gastric artery ',/.#.#.;, which anastomoses with the ri^ht gastric artery on the lesser curvature.
The inferior pylvrQ-dufylzna'! artery I.P.I).A. anastomoses with branches of the hepatic and superior mesenteric arteries,
The superior mesenteric artery (fig. 44,13. sweeps downwards into the right iliac fossa. It supplies :he small intestines, the ascending colon and a variable amount of the transverse colon. It anastomoses above with the inferior pyloro-duodenal branch of the cueliac axis, and its lowest branch anastomoses with the middle colic branch of the inferior mesenteric artery. Between its two extremes of distribution, its branches anastomose with those on either side, thus forming an extensive arterial chain in the mesentery. There are, however, no large tiers of arterial arcades* Many lymphatic glands and sympathetic nerves lie among the branches.
The inferior mesenteric artery (fig. 44, E.) arises from the front of the abdominal aorta a short distance above its bifurcation. It gives off a middle colic artery (M.C.A.) which supplies the left part of the transverse colon and anastomoses with the -right colic branch of the superior mesenteric artery and a branch of the left colic arfeery. The left colic artery (L.C.A.), the second branch of the inferior mesenteric artery, anastomoses by its branches with the middle colic artery above, and the 16